My Story

Up until recently, I was a people pleaser; I unknowingly lost who I was and put myself at the very bottom of my priorities. This, in turn, led to insomnia, resentment, and even grief for the life I wished I could have led.

I got so comfortable with the status quo that I didn’t realize I was the creator of my own misery. Soon, my insecurities turned into anxiety and made me push myself even harder to try and get away from that constant feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

Through coaching I found my own solutions without resorting to avoidance or being hard on myself.

Now, I have found a deep calm and joy in my everyday life. I have taken steps towards profound self acceptance and self love, which seemed almost unimaginable to me. After noticing that the butterflies I felt in my stomach actually had a higher purpose, I realized that all I needed to do was listen carefully. I help people live their best lives by guiding them to rediscover the strength and empowerment they have always had inside them.

If this interests you, feel free to book a discovery call to determine if the chemistry between us will make our work together inspiring for us both!

Celine Giangi

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